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Personal Life Coaching in Central London

Based in Canary Wharf E14

meet Nathalie Jawdoszyn, your life coach
Nathalie Jawdoszyn
- about me

Very few people can say that they are totally happy and many struggle and think that there must be an easier way.

I will help you grow into the person you want to be

I help clients to remove the blockages in their lives, blockages that are preventing them from reaching their destination and their dreams.

I help clients who are stuck in a rut, who have ambitions they cannot achieve. In other words, I help them move forward.

As a life coach, I create a safe environment for my clients to explore what they want to achieve and I encourage honesty and courage from them. This means that you are able to consider what you want - and why.

Many people know that life is to be enjoyed to the full in all areas such as health, career, wealth and relationships. Sometimes it can be difficult to change patterns of behaviour learned when we were young and this can affect our present reality.

Life Coaching can be a life-changing process

Be fulfilled

Personal Life coaching helps you discover who you would like to be in all areas of life and, through listening and dialogue, helps you achieve it. The power of coaching lies in helping you recognise your own strengths to take actions that make positive change in your life.

You are always in charge of your destiny and I will not offer advice. You are the best person to decide what is right for yourself.

Positive attitude is one of the main components. I will convince you that you have the ability to grow and succeed.

Sometimes, clients need to be challenged if it is felt they are avoiding certain issues which are preventing them from achieving their goals.

I coach on a wide range of areas including:

Break through!

I meet my clients face to face or arrange telephone coaching.

So, if you feel you could use help with any of the of issues above, or if you are having trouble figuring out why life just isn't going quite right, then get in touch and hopefully we can work together to help you feel better and start to make changes to improve your life.

'Don't you get it? This very second, you could be doing something you love and dream about doing. So do it! Now!'



What is Life Coaching?

Reach your Goals

Life coaching creates the capacity for continuous improvement, development and success; through enabling and supporting to make the best use of the client's knowledge, insight and vision to learn and develop.

Life coaching uses different skills and techniques like goal setting, motivational support, and empowerment to help the client to achieve their goals and potential.

Goal Setting: looking to the future

Life coaching is centred on goals. It focuses the individual on moving forward and achievement, rather than dwelling on past behaviour and failures.

Change your life

Life coaching helps to facilitate powerful change. This doesn't mean that I will do everything. In fact, the power of life coaching lies in helping the client recognise their own strengths to make positive change in their lives and take actions to achieve this.

Life coaching, with skilful questioning, makes the clients aware that they are always in charge of their destiny and that they can make choices in their lives.

What is stopping you unlocking your potential?

We are all unique individuals, yet only a minority of us achieve our full potential in all areas of life such as work, finance, relationship and creativity. Problems in our childhood, lack of education / knowledge from our parents, broken relationships, bereavement, stress, an overwhelming boss, and addictions can leave us unable to achieve what we want in our lives.

My approach to Life Coaching

I take a holistic approach to helping clients. My aim is to heal and help clients grow into who they want to be. I can help identify and solve negative behaviour and thinking and help you focus on what is important.

The results

When problems are solved, this will lead to new life choices and increased personal growth and fulfilment. Career, relationships, finances and your health will all benefit. It's important to have a balanced and fulfilling life and coaching can help you achieve this.

'If you can dream it, you can do it.'

Walt Disney


What's the difference between Life Coaching and other forms of therapy?

How is Life Coaching different?


A mentor can advise and guide using their own experience to lead the client towards their goal.

Life Coaching is a bit different as there is no need for the coach to have experience in the client's profession or knowledge.It is non-directive, and it does not teach, advise, and seek to control the client or impose solutions.


A counsellor has to explore the client's past to provide a solution for their current problems. A counsellor would have some expertise in a specific area like marriage guidance, alcohol abuse or depression and would focus on the cause of an individual condition or problem.

Life Coaching is centred on goals and does not dwell on the past to move the client forward.


A consultant is usually an expert or a professional in a specific field who has a wide knowledge of the subject matter.

Life Coaching enables people to use their internal and external resources to pursue their goal effectively. This technique is at the heart of effective coaching and differentiates it from consulting and other forms of therapies.

'Your ideas are like diamonds... without the refining process, they are just dirty rocks, but by cutting the impurities, they become priceless.'

Paul Kearley


Who Needs a Life Coach?

Hit a hole in one!

You have a house, a job, a family or a relationship. But are you happy? Would you like more out of life?

I can play golf and football but I am not really good at either. Can you imagine seriously pursuing a sport (or other interest for that matter) without ever once seeking an experienced coach to guide you and bring out the best in you?

Top sports people know that if you want to get ahead, you need to have a coach.

Things Life Coaching can help

Take control of your future

You might need a life coach if you are facing problems or challenges such as:

A life coach will listen and observe and, through skilful questioning, will uncover answers from the client. They will then work to find solutions and strategies that will help the client out of the rut they are in.

Why does talking to a Life Coach work?

Get ready for successWe are better able to make big decisions when we have support, but sometimes we don't want to speak to friends or family - or perhaps they are too 'close' to the issue that we need to discuss..

With a life coach you may feel more comfortable talking, and you can be sure that you will get advice from someone who has only YOUR interest in mind..

Unlike other forms of self-help or therapy, life coaching affects specific changes to behaviour and performance.

Talking to a life coach will:

'Everyday do something that will inch you closer to a better tomorrow.'

Doug Firebough


Life Coaching FAQs

Following are the questions I'm often asked about my life coaching practice.

How does it work?

The base coaching is 3 x 60 minute phone sessions per month. Phone charges are included in your coaching fee, regardless of where you live in the world. This is supplemented by email coaching at no extra charge, plus the occasional 'booster' (5 minutes) as required. You take on as much homework as you choose, and most of the learning, growth, actions and results happen between the calls. I will add to what you would do on your own.

Who are your clients?

Basically, anyone ready to make changes in their life, and/or to really go for what they want. My clients are normally successful in many areas of their life, but there might be one or two areas needing attention. My clients are both men and women, normally in the 25 to 50 age range. Many are professionals wanting more fulfilling lives. A fair amount want a change in their career.

What does Life Coaching provide?

Different things to each client. Some clients need someone to challenge them, give them direction and makes them accountable for accomplishing what they say they will. Others need support and help to focus on accomplishing their goals. In general, clients want to get real results in their lives.

Do you have any specialities?

I mostly do the following:

Who are you?

I am Nathalie Jawdoszyn; read more about me on the Meet Nathalie, your Life Coach page.

How long would we work together?

Some people are done in 3 months, and others are looking for longer partnerships. We'll normally start with a 3-6 month time frame.

What does it cost?

My fees are explained in detail on my Services & Fees page.

What if I decide not to finish the coaching term?

If at some point during the coaching you feel it's not working, you may stop coaching at the end of the month, and get a full refund for the unused portion.

What's the next step to working with you?

If you're ready to make some big, exciting changes to your life or business, and are interested in working with me, then request a FREE Life Coaching Session.


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