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Holding Hands


Can I ask you a question?

Are you living your life’s purpose?

  • Or do you feel kind of… stuck?

  • Have you always had big dreams for your life and career but you’re realising those dreams just aren’t coming to life?

  • Are you lacking purpose?

  • Are you on the brink of burnout?

  • Is your career leaving you feeling flat?

  • Are you immobilised by fear of judgement and what other people think?

  • Do you feel the best years of your life are behind you and now you just have to settle for what you have?

Imagine instead:

  • Waking up every single day knowing you’re on your path and living life the way you always dreamt

  • Knowing life hasn’t passed you by and that it isn’t too late to be the YOU you long to be

  • Going to sleep each night feeling happy, fulfilled and at peace with who you are and where you’re going

  • Taking empowered and confident action towards your goals without doubting yourself

  • Feeling so incredibly excited by life again that you can’t wait to wake up and get going each morning 

  • Living life with more joy, fun and happiness than you did even in your twenties!

It IS possible to find confidence, peace and purpose, to enjoy a career you’re proud of and to live a life that excites you!


I have helped dozens of women to get clear on what it is they want from life and resourced on the way to achieve their goals with confidence.


I know it works because I’ve been there. 

And let me tell you this, the reason you’re feeling stuck:


Is not because you’re not good enough.

Is not because you don’t have what it takes.

Is not that mindfulness ‘just doesn’t work’ for you.


It’s because you’re stuck in subconscious patterns and beliefs that keep you feeling unworthy and small. Together, we will use a combination of what we call inner child healing along with traditional energy work to get into the deep layers of your subconscious to release these patterns and free you from the past so you can live fully empowered in the present.


My proven Transformational Coaching Method for guiding you from stuck and scared to happy and purposeful involves a combination of inner child healing, energy work and Life Coaching to offer a unique and incredibly effective strategy for your transformation.

It doesn’t have to be this way.


Who I work with

I work with women who are ready to reclaim their lives and take charge of their happiness.

I am a gay woman, and I offer an inclusive space for healing and transformation for all women. I do not choose to work with a person based on their identities; whether you’re a woman in the LGBTQ+ community or a straight woman, I provide an understanding and safe space.

If you feel bored with life, like you’re stuck, or even like you’re heading towards burn out, I can help you make the change you long for—but only if you’re willing to commit to yourself. 

“I honestly feel like I’m in on a secret to make life “work”! I feel like I am so much clearer on the role I play in my own happiness and just want to share what I have learnt with everyone I encounter.


What I got from life coaching was key to a metaphorical room that had the tools to help me on my journey.

So any time I encounter difficulty I have access to the things I need to overcome them healthily and in a way that ensures that I retain the knowledge that I am in control of my happiness.


How to work with me

With me as your coach, you are getting 100% unconditional support, a safe and supportive environment to heal and connect with yourself, and the method to discover and release what has been holding you back.

My coaching is transformative because it will heal the root of the problems. You will no longer wonder why you can't achieve your goals and be who you want to be.

Unsure if Transformational Life Coaching is right for you?


Book your free Discovery Session to find out if my Transformational Coaching Method can help you get unstuck and live the fulfilling life you deserve.


During the session we will:

  • Create a crystal clear vision of the person you want to be.

  • Uncover what has prevented you from manifesting the life you truly desire

  • Get you feeling re-energised, inspired and determined to follow the call of your soul.


This session will enable you to decide if coaching is right for you and if I can be the guide on your journey to becoming the person you want to be.

Are you ready for your transformation?

Package Options

3 x Month 1:1



Start your healing journey with 3x months 1:1 Coaching


6 x 60 minute Zoom Sessions

Regular contact between sessions to keep you accountable

Unlimited WhatsApp/Messenger/Email Support

Monthly Coaching 1:1



Every month for 6 months

Fortnightly personal coaching


2 x 60 minute Zoom Sessions/month

Regular contact between sessions to keep you accountable

Unlimited WhatsApp/Messenger/Email Support


Inner Child Healing



5 x Powerful 1:1 Sessions to connect with your inner child


5 x 60 Minute Sessions

Connect with your Inner child

Discover who you are

Heal the wounds of your past

Ready to start your transformation and finally begin leading life on your terms?

Contact me today to have a chat through your options.

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