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Hello you amazing being!

I’m here to empower you to break through the limiting beliefs and fear keeping you from living your most magnificent life!

Are you ready for your breakthrough?

I’ll tell you a secret…

I struggled with low self-esteem, not being authentic to myself, and deep-rooted fear for all of my life. 

And I’ll be completely honest: despite having a big dream and burning passion to be a Life Coach, I had settled for having an average existence, plagued with anxiety, working in jobs I didn’t enjoy, and merely going through the motions of life.


Because of fear. I was so scared of not being capable of fulfilling my life purpose that I didn’t even try. I was terrified of what other people thought of me, and on an even deeper level, I was scared of my own power.

Sound familiar?

It took a presumed heart attack to make me finally look deeply into why I didn’t have the confidence or trust in myself to allow myself to live the life I dreamed of.

It doesn’t have to get to that point for you. You don’t have to run yourself into near death in order to make a change. Your breakthrough can happen now.

In the end, the fear of dying before I’d even tried to live my purpose of becoming a Life Coach outweighed the fear of failure. That health scare catapulted me onto my own healing journey and onto the path I am on today.

Over a series of breakthrough moments and deep healing, I worked with energy masters, a Life Coach, and my own commitment to dissolve all the old layers of fear, low self worth, disconnection, childhood pains, and inauthenticity that were holding me back and keeping me small. And I transformed my life.

Now, I live for myself, rather than based on what I believe other people think. I am peaceful. I live in trust and fulfilment, and I live with pride at the fact I took charge of my own life and happiness.

I made it happen, and you can, too.

Are you ready for your breakthrough?

I choose to make the rest of my life the best of my life

Louise Hay


Hi, I'm Nathalie

I’m a Transformational Life Coach, my pronouns are she/her, and I live in London with my wife and son.

How I work

I have been studying mind, soul, and body practices for the past 30 years and have decades-worth of extensive knowledge on energy healing gained from energy Masters during my travels in Asia.

Traveller Meditating.webp

A lot of the teachers I have come across in my 30 years of experience and training have been against the concept of inner child healing and going back to childhood memories in order to guide their clients to present moment breakthroughs.

After years of experience with clients and my own healing, I believe working with the inner child is fundamental to the success of our healing.

There is an inner child within us

What Is Inner Child Healing and Why Would You Need It?                      

I used to think that trauma was experienced only by people who had suffered sexual abuse or experienced war. Now, I believe everybody on this planet has suffered some kind of trauma.


Often, it’s the things that happened in our childhoods that most affect our limitations in our present day adult life. Sometimes these are big traumas, often they are much smaller things we might have never thought of as traumatic.


As young children, our most basic need is love and connection. If our caregivers didn’t approve of a part of our personality, or simply couldn’t meet our emotional needs, we deny our feelings and bury parts of ourselves because we subconsciously believe they are in the way of our basic need of being loved. These unresolved, traumatic emotional experiences create the kinds of subconscious behaviour later in life that we can never quite shift.


For me, a difficult relationship with my mother and childhood pains were what was keeping me from living my purpose --- and I wasn’t consciously aware of it.


Our inner child is the child part of us that lives within us, even as adults. Part of inner child healing is learning how to re-parent that child to meet the needs that weren’t met in our childhood so we can heal issues keeping us small, fearful, limited, stuck, anxious and unexpressed as adults.

Inner child work has been the most healing modality, both on the personal level on my own journey to healing and in the work I do with my clients. I use it in my coaching to help bring huge transformation for my clients. Inner child healing is a beautiful practice which simply means connecting with the you you were as a child.


If you work with me, I will guide you in a safe and compassionate way to connect with your inner child so that you can heal past traumas, release the ingrained patterns, thoughts, feelings and beliefs holding you back from the life you want to live.


I combine the beautiful and deeply healing concept of inner child work with energy healing and practical transformational Life Coaching tools to provide an accessible, pragmatic approach personalised specifically to you and your goals.


Who I work with

  • Do you feel like you’re on the brink of what you might call a ‘mid life crisis’?

  • Do you know you have more to give to life but don’t know how to even start to live your potential?

  • Did you always have big life goals but have realised they’re just not coming into fruition?

  • Do you just feel something is missing from life?

  • Are you afraid to fully say ‘yes!’ to yourself because of fear of what other people might think?

  • Is life just not working out the way you always hoped it would?

​I work with women just like you, who have reached mid-life feeling stuck, unfulfilled, uninspired and like they haven’t yet lived the potential they once knew they were capable of.


Whether you’re a woman in the LGBTQ+ community or a straight woman, I provide an understanding and safe environment for you to heal and transform.


Let me tell you now:

  • You ARE capable of living the life you always believed you would.

  • You’re not stuck.

  • And there is still time to find inner peace and  happiness and to enjoy life again!


Contact me today for a free, no-obligation chat to see if

I can help you.

Let’s get you on your way to your breakthrough.

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