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The Transformational Life Coach for Women ready to Finally Bring Their Biggest Dreams to Life.

Break through fear and low self esteem to find courage and feel excited about life again.

 You don't have to settle for an average life, you came here to be magnificent!

Ready to take the first steps towards your breakthrough?

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Nathalie Jawdoszyn - Life Coach

Meet Nathalie

Feeling stuck? Scared that time is moving on and you haven’t yet lived your dreams? Maybe you just feel that something is missing from life?

I’m here to empower you to break through the limiting beliefs and fear keeping you from living your most magnificent life!


I was there too. But with the support of life coaches and mentors, I broke free from the low self-esteem and fear that kept me feeling and acting small.


After traveling the world learning the power of the mind, body, and soul, I now help women just like you to reconnect with themselves using a combination of transformative coaching skills and the wonderful and beautiful practices of inner child healing, I will guide you back to inner peace, clarity, and your own ability to take charge of your happiness.


Life is still here for you! You don’t have to settle.


Breaking free of your limitations.

Start Your Journey

Are you feeling the call to live your dreams, stop settling, and finally feel excited about life again?